My Journey to Middle Age Woman

There was a saying” Life begins at forty”.


I’m wondering so much of this saying before i reach forty. And now I passed forty I didnt see much of that saying except changes in my moods,behavior and my physical body. The saying sounds positive when you listen about it yet in my reality,it’s superficial. My life begin long time before I turned forty. Now is another chapter of it, where your body no longer listen to your metabolism which  makes your body easily change and develop cellulite. I envied those women who never gain weight(how much they eat or concieve children)in my thoughts ^How gifted they are^. On my behavior on the other hand; a lot of changes in it that sometimes stressful.I overthinking  for everything that sometimes it’s even nonsense. Attack of sudden mood swing that makes me sounds like I have split personality(one time joke coming from my children)


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