My Idea of Happiness πŸ‘ͺ

It’s so scary to think that kids rely more on  social media than their parents even in simplest way because its more practicable to them than waiting for their parents aid(I’m not badmouthing social media because it has advantages in this tech world that makes life easier yet it teaches this days the children not /less emphaty. The old days they interacting with real people eye to eye,now they easily type words that they like to say without second thought if it can hurt.When a picture/ sentence been post and acquire enormous LIKES ;they think lot of people agree. Bully is more rampant. In reality before you blurt out words;  you observe, watch and follow normal talk etiquette and your not crossing the line) Im just saying that’s it.

—>>>I have all the time with my kids and witnessed their milestones from the time they were born until now(even when they graduate college,if God’s  permits) Time is really gold and you cant stop it from moving. Once missed; there’s no turning back but continues going. Life is full of uncertainties so I have the opportunities to enjoy my tots.




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