||Another Busier Day||

Foto C Acts Manila

This day is another busier day.  Wake up early to prepare for recital photo shoot.  Its usually half day event. My daughter new pointe shoes was accidentally ripped off  by her co-ballet dancer  in one of their show called ‘Pasinaya'( its a kind of festival for  dance/art which different company or school participate for showcases their  talents/skills  in arts and dance).  To make it short I have to buy a new ballet shoes on that day. While my husband and daughter eating their lunch in a restaurant, Im sewing the point shoes and racing with time because call time is 1:30 local time.  The shop open at 11AM plus the fitting and so on, (Time presure) so imagine my haggard face sewing while the rest of my family happily eating lunch.  Dont get me wrong, it’s not a complain but a declaration 😜


The good thing is the joy of watching our daughter posing in front of the photographer(Yeah! We are stage parents; who’s not?).  That kind of feeling of so much proud because she can do it alone without coaching her anymore.  When she was young I have to coach,  demonstrate and advice her what to do including the suddenness of her mood swing which she barely handle.  Now often she smile, manage her emotions on that pressure moments.  She puts make up and tied her hair on her own(she’s much better than me now doing those things) She makes us proud in simple things like that and as much as possible take the opportunity to catch that very moment.

Foto C Acts Manila

She’s in between a little girl and a little lady,  A teeners that confuse at time and rebel on her own way.  But its OK,  she have to develop her personalities and bring out her best self to spread her wings and fly high as it can be to reach the focal of her goals and dreams.


My busier day ends here!



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