☆☆☆Runway: The Ballet Recital☆☆☆

Foto C Acts Manila

It was 26 of June 2016; the moment I hold my breath and crossed my fingers for good luck for my daughter and the rest of the performers in the recital. She leads  one of the dance; titled  “Don Quixote” by Minkus, choreography by Marius Petipa and restaged by Ms.Chelo Gemina.The whole show last four hours, surprisingly  I didnt sleep at the  show. In the past, my eyes drop and I sleep in the course of the show not because its boring but some music sounds lullaby that makes you sleepy. 

Foto C Acts Manila

The whole show was successful and beautifully dance by students in different ranks and ages. They are so warm  to watch and the small kids were adorable and witty. The costume stands out in the perfect lightning  and the  choreography of the  dance  is excellent ( in my own opinion/ rather audience points of view). The theater  is full house  and lively while the audience are fully focus  and you can feel their presence enjoying the show. 

A superb expercience at the same time nervous because my daughter has  “Pas De Deux”(partnering) for the first time in classical dance and a  “Solo” in “Don Quixote,  Kitri (female variation) 

Foto C Acts Manila

 She also lead one of the modern/contemporay dance group entitled “Espoir” by French  choreographer Ms. Candice Behlert. 

Foto C Acts Manila 

It’s  overwhelming show that aside its great performances, it gives me sense of pride that my daughter shows her passionate talents  to the glory of God. I feel God’s holy spirit in Lormaigne dance as if she’s  invicible for  maintaining her momentum and grace showing what is performance is all about. Soli De Gloria!!!


Foto C Acts Manila 


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