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Philippine Dance Cup Trophy 

Recently my daughter joined  PDC (Philippine Dance Cup) a local competition showcases talented dancers in a world of ballet in  a classical variation and contemporary dances which takes place every two years. She joins this competition  for the  third times and won so far. The first PDC,  she was placed second in a  Junior Division Classical Variation ages  12-13 Female  Category and won another award called Joy Coronel; its an award for a promising  dancers or a performers that give an exemplary skills in a dance(she’s eleven years old). The second time competition she placed third in Classical Variation ages 14-15 Senior Division Female Category and won  the same Joy Coronel award(she’s twelve  years old). This year she placed third in a Senior Division Classical Variation,  14-18 years old  Female Category  without Joy Coronel award yet awarded C-MAP (Composition  Movement Analysis program of the Dance Pull Project and World Dance Alliance Philippines )scholarship for 2017 (she’s  fourteen years old). There is no first  place this year because it didnt reach the classification  for it. 

Acts Manila Competitors 2016 FOTO C LHB

I documented this event to remind myself of this occasion because  its memorable to the extent that we didn’t  enjoy at all. It supposed to be a cheerful day but instead it replaced by a gloomy day  due to my  immaturity in front of my children. I usually posted stuff about my children achievements and happy moments. This is one of them but my daughter stop me; it feels like she’s  commanding me not to post about it with some kind of tone that irritable in my ears(when her puberty not hammer out; I could post to my FB page anything that I find cute or when they accomplish something, that was then) . I feel embarrassed in a way because her childhood  friends(who watched the event) are riding with us home .It’s a  sin for my children  to talk  with  different  tone in their voice; it is bothersome and I feel offended(I behave myself not to embarrassed  her).I stopped  talking to her and  continue driving until we dropped her friends to their place.  Im still  upset and without noticed,  my gear makes sounds like a horse that in pain. I panicked and fear viel  my whole body thinking what if the fast running cars  bump  into us for sudden stop.  Fortunately while I slowly moving  on the side; I saw the reason why it makes that crazy sounds; it shifted to manual gear and eventually I  shifted it to automatic and we went home safely. I got migraine so I slept early with the heavy heart  that night. 

The next day I cried waking up because last night incident still upset me. My daughter notice that I skip breakfast so she knocked on  my door and went inside saying ” Good Morning” I didn’t  reply and she repeat couple of times until I said Im not  in the mood to say good morning. She left my room uneasy. Still bothered and upset I called her and we talked. Then she explains to me why she don’t want me to post about her winning,  as she don’t  want her friends to get hurt for the congratulate post and  all those throphy is just a bonus because she dance for the glory of God nothing else. At first Im thinking if I should be proud of it or not. I mean we deserves  to at least post her victory not to brag about it but to recognize her hard work. I think thats the normal thing to do when you win on something (that’s me), you don’t  hide  it. I didnt get that part and somehow I tried  to perceive what message she wants to convey. Then tried to analyze our situation and to my realization, she is really unique from her peers of same age. Sometimes I asked myself if I teaches/ discipline her too much that she’s acting that way and it often puzzles me. On the other hand I am proud as she’s very sensitive and shows great attitude emphatically with others; my bubble thought. 

Acts Manila Competitors 2016 Foto C LHB

Then  when I checked her FB and mine;a few people greeted her victory or i think even forget she won third place or got confused  of my post because  I congratulate everyone without distinction which/ who win. It upset me more somehow.  I can do less about it, I move on and accept her for being herself. Anyway, I teached her that way so I have to live with it. The most important is she dances all  for the glory of God; nothing else. This incident is one of those days that I misunderstood her gestures. Sometimes we parent’s,  as for me;I over thinking and so worried of my children specially when I thought she/he will get hurt. I thought I have to protect them or show them that Im proud of them all the time. And my mistake is I always treat them like a baby. I forget that they already growing and having their own personality. They don’t like anymore a mom that is so clingy (as she said in one of our conversation). In my head; “what???? Excuse me young lady”, what are you talking about? then I realize that I have to let them go on their own way. Makes some mistakes learn from it and put back the pieces. This is some  basic  process of life  and trust in God for thy will be done. 

Foto C Rosby Melencio


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