>^Defeat And Glory^>

Just back from the competitions in Asian Grand Prix Hongkong. It is held last 8-13 August 2016. I have mixed emotions carrying the results. Prior to it my daughter preparations for the competition requires more time to practice her routines.Which everyday she doing it even in school break and consequently got her injuries that led to frustrations at times. The technique class starts at ten in the morning and end around twelve in the afternoon after that is her personal coaching along with other team competitors. Then after the private coaching they have rehearsal from five thirty up to nine in the evening. While all this things is on going, seldom I watch her but most of the time I stay outside the ballet room to keep her focus and not be a nuisance.That was then.

We leave Manila a day before the competition( we have so much struggles before leaving). Our flight as usual delayed for more than one hour. Im happy that I met some of the parents competitors from same school so it eased my mind waiting and eventually we boarded and arrived safely in Hongkong. At the airport while looking for ATM I bumped to one of the Korean actor named Ji Soo. I didn’t able to have picture with him because the bodyguard dragged him fast out of the airport.Just some glimpsed.

FYI I’m Korean telenovela fan

Well… that was the seconds of my happiness.

We took a bus ride going to our hotel. The bus number is A1 that led us direct to our hotel in Youth Square just some small walking. We bought an Octopus card that can be use to pay various establishment like in a fast food, bus or MTR etc. Its 150 HK dollar for adults 50 is for deposit of the card. Our room is located at 14th floor. It’s comfortable and spacious which is good enough for the two of us. It has free WIFI. The restaurant inside the building is expensive and because Im on a tight budget we eat our lunch and dinner outside. The area is near to the malls and convenience store that we grab some snacks for our room consumptions.

Room 1415

Since shes competing, I took the oportunity to enrolled her in a ballet master class for four days (I shut my eyes paying this additional expenses) I saw some familiar faces from 2013 AGPHK competition and meet new one’s that I able to tรชte ร  tรชte to some with same sentiments.

Warming up before Master Class

The competition is on the second day. Her elimination piece is Don Quixote, Kitri variation.

My heart sunk watching her piece for elimination. She makes mistake on her routine but she done it well. I thought she wont make it to semi-finals because of that mistakes but she did and it caught me by surprised.

JA038 is her number

Her semi-final piece is Harlequinade.

I don’t know, what’s going on that day that makes her weary on the stage. She didn’t dance her routines on the way it should be dance. She missed some parts of it for instance in her “Pirouette; the minimum is three turns but she did just two when in her rehearsal she can easily did four turns. What I mentioned is some part of the dance and Im not expert in it so probably there are more lacking which the juries eventually notice that makes her eliminated to finals. She was crying and upset of her self. I didnt say anything because I don’t want to added more heavy feelings to it. Shes harder on herself more than me. Im upset as well and makes me think and reflect on the results. In my bubble thought ” Whats next???? Should I continue or let her stop???? It bothers me the whole time until we got home. I talked to my eldest son and husband and discuss my thought about it. So lucky to have them because they are so positive in spite of our defeat. They said go on and continue what im doing of supporting her. Its part of growing up to fail. According to my husband ~ “Life is a battle and survival pit, you need to fail to able to make another strategies “. Later on, I have serious heart to heart conversation and exchanging thoughts with her at home and after the competition shes more determine to work hard for her passion and dreams. Its good to see she have positive outlook in life even after her defeat. And guess what??? She got in to another local competition and hopefully her hard work will pay off later.

Our journey didnt ends here. This is just a warming up for more challenging journey in the future. I really wish and pray that God will guide her on what shes doing and fulfil what is her meant to do in this life with flying colors at the same time feet on the ground without compromising her values for the sake of success. This is my prayers not only for her but for all her siblings too.

Our Welcome Home greetings from our sweetest boys


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