~It’s Not Too Late To Feel Good~

📌You can be innocent at twenties,sweetest at thirties,gorgeous at forties and  amazingly wise with grace for the rest of your life📌


Im trying to be positive everyday and its not to late to be good for your self. Its just sometimes annoying when people think they know you and they know what is best for you when if they really know that the best for you is exactly where you are now. I am proud but not arrogant of where I am right now. I dont have those excellent creative attractive resume like other women. I don’t have those fancy branded stuffs to brag about or high social status. In short (literally I am😜)I am just or merely the average woman in this planet  who enjoy life to its fullest; may it difficult or easy. Its my choice to be not a successful career woman but it doesn’t mean I fail. 
Yes!I admit from time to time it cross my mind those thought “WHAT IF’s”(specially when you want something but you can’t have it)but it besides the point because reality struck and you cant do anything about it but gracefully face it.

My choicest in the past;I don’t regret it!I stand for it!

The family I came from is not a typical or average one.  I grew on a dysfunctional environment which made my mom to part ways with her behalf(raising four of her children and no education is toughest) so basically it matured me at the age of eight. Watching my mom working hard and barely sleeping/spending time with us because of work;she never gave up and endured all the hardship(that’s what makes me respect her more because she never abandon us) my brother and I decided to help her by selling plastic bag and lemon in a market. We don’t bother to ask her about our allowances or fees for project in school because we know she’s short in other basic needs in life(literally ). It goes years and years and I become teens. I find a decent job that allows me to earn a little and attend school after work. I learned to  sell beauty products and work another part time job to the point that I want to work even as construction worker. Funny it sounds but we have a tough life but God never abandon me. All the journey I walk on this life was never hard on me because I feel his presence and he guide me all throughout my journey. I became the head of the family because my brother is too weak to be one. To make my story short I finish my studies and  build a foundation for our family and help them to stand on their own and help their family too. Its not rich but its way far from our old grumpy hard life. We have comfortable place to sleep and food on the table three times a day or more. So my decision to stay put where I am right now is because of that experiences(it is so much that I missed being a kid/ being teens that enjoys being innocent and have fun with their peers)For that reason alone, I don’t want to miss all my children milestone. The closeness we have right now and the time we value so much to create more memories.  I had enough in the past to do what I need to do. Now is a moment spend with my children and I choose it that way. This is exactly the place where I have to be right now. Everyday I will be grateful about it because I have oportunity to choose to  make or break. Thanks to a wonderful loyal hubby with a heart that understand, a strong mind with perseverance, a challenging smart children that I adore so much and to God that so generous to me. (PSALM 71:1-3 )